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  • ZongYuan annual production capacity of 250,000 tons organic fertilizer project

    ZongYuan ecological industry is the biggest Bio-fertilizer professional production enterprises in Henan province. It is the fixed point enterprises of national agricultural fertilization measurement, the national quality reliable enterprises, credit AAA brand enterprise; members of the national quality control department; the standing director member of national green environmental fertilizer and the national functional fertilizer department;famous Henan brand; standing director member of Henan fertilizer association;the leading enterprise of agriculture industrialization; Jiaozuo bioengineering technology center ;the small and medium enterprises.Rely on the national academy of agricultural sciences and England Green national biotech holdings limited enterprise, Zongyuan concentrates on the Ecological organic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, Compound microbial fertilizer, Organic-inorganic mixed fertilizer, bio fertilizer series products research and development.

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Working principle fertilizer raw materials(animal excrement, household refuse, rotten leaves,biogas residue, waste culture and so on)
2. Enter into the semi-humid raw materials crusher to crush and mix
3. Using the pellet machine to make pellets, then drying
4.Screening by the screening machine, packaging the acceptable products, the sub-quality products return to the pellet machine for second pelletzing.

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