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  • SFSP Series Hammer Mill

    LoChamp has upheld the development philosophy of “Energy Saving, Environment, Neatness, High Efficiency” for 18 years since the first hammer mill was invited. Our group has obtained a number of national patens by conti...

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  • Rotary Dryer

    The rotary dryer is mainly used for organic fertilizer into a ball and granulation after drying. The designing for the lifter distribution & angle is reasonable, so it’s with high energy utilization rate and drying even...

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  • Chain grinder

    Vertical Chain grinder is the most used grinders in the organic fertilizer area. In the grinding processing, it uses the synchronous speed and high strength wear-resisting alloy chain, mainly used for returning material...

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  • Rotary Drum Cooler

    Rotary drum cooler can rapidly dropped particle organic fertilizer temperature from 65-85℃ near to room temperature through optimizing design the lifting flight, then the material can evenly covered with cylinder cross ...

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  • Cylinder Grading Screen

    There is screen on the drum of cylinder grading screen. The material feeds into the drum from the feed inlet when it is running. Materials rolls on the screen and finished particle comes out from another end, and those s...

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  • Gate Feeding Quantitative Bagging Machine

    Bagging machine includes automatic weighing, sewing, feeding and other parts. It is widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer, building materials, food, ports, logistics and other industries. It realizes full automation o...

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  • Quantitative belt feeding scale

    Quantitative feeding belt scale is the core equipment of organic fertilizer automatic batching process, the product is Longchang patent products, domestic initiative. The utility model has the advantages of accurate meas...

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  • Robot Palletizer

    LOP industrial automation company is affiliated with Henan Longchang Group which was founded in 1996, Longchang Group is the largest supplier of the animal feed machinery in north of Yangzi River. LOP focus on provide fa...

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  • Mixer

    The continuous mixer was developed for separate and free-flowing powders, soft and continuous agitation.

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  • Rotor drum granulator

    Rotor drum granulator can form the raw materials into the specific shape. As a key equipment in the compound fertilizer area, it can be applied to the cold , hot and low concentration granulation in the large-scale. It`s...

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  • Coating machine

    Organic fertilizer coating can effectively prevent powder agglomeration, also can add enzyme preparations in it. For the powder coating, coating system machinery mainly including coating machine, screw conveyor and hoppe...

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  • Movable turner

    The most prominent technique of the movable turner is to assemble the functions of grinding in the later stage of raw materials fertilization. Along with the drying process, the efficiency of grinding has been greatly in...

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  • Belt conveyor

    Belt conveyor applied to conveying powder, granular material and small block material which bulk density less than 1.67t/m³, it can works well at ambient temperature -20°C-40°C, and the temperature of material which b...

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We are professional and sincere to offer you not only quality fertilizer equipment, but superior and personalized technical service. All those help us improve customer loyalty leading to repeat business in the competitive marketplace. We are based in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province, China.

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