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  • Rotary Drum Cooler

    Rotary drum cooler can rapidly dropped particle organic fertilizer temperature from 65-85℃ near to room temperature through optimizing design the lifting flight, then the material can evenly covered with cylinder cross section with the cooling air.It can make the final product packaging in time and prevent agglomeration during the storage and transportation.

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Product advantage

1.The cooler cylinder adopts modular structure designing and submerged arc welding automatic welding, it increased the strength of the cylinder and the welding is beautiful.
2. The material can evenly covered with the cooling air through optimizing design the lifting flight structure, and the cooling efficiency is improved.
3. The hoop adopts integrally casting processing and confirm the operating smoothly.
4. Sealed performance is good because the head and tail parts sealed with resistant rubber seal board.
5. Adding the tail cover device and connected to the wind dust network, it can recycle the dust gas and save the energy consumption of dust removing fan.
6. Increasing the tail cover and reduce the wind speed to make the dust dropped inside the tail cover, reducing the dust quantity outside of this system.

Technical Data

Technical Date of Groove Type Lifting Compost Turner
Model Power Volume Capacity
KW m3 t/h
Φ1.2*10 7.5 11.3 1--3
Φ1.5*14 15 24.7 3--5
Φ2.0*16 37 50 5--8
Φ2.4*18 45 81 8--12
Remark: Considering the transportation and the cooling performance, we sincerely advise use double cooler instead of one.

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