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  • Chain grinder

    Vertical Chain grinder is the most used grinders in the organic fertilizer area. In the grinding processing, it uses the synchronous speed and high strength wear-resisting alloy chain, mainly used for returning materials grinding. Raw materials come into through the feed inlet,collided withe the high-speed chain. After collision,the raw materials are extruded and crushed, then it strikes the inside wall and rebound to hit the chain again. In many times collision, finally the powder and the small granulation discharged from the bottom

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Product advantage

1.Inside wall equipped with Polypropylene,less residue, easily clean
2.Knifehead used the special steel,greatly increase the production efficiency
3.Rational construction, easily operation,good applicability

Technical Data

Technical Date of Groove Type Lifting Compost Turner
model power capacity
KW t/h
FSL60 11/15 3--5
FSL80 18.5/22 8--10
FSL100 37/45 15--20

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