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  • Rotary Dryer

    The rotary dryer is mainly used for organic fertilizer into a ball and granulation after drying. The designing for the lifter distribution & angle is reasonable, so it’s with high energy utilization rate and drying evenly, reduce the frequency of cleaning up materials, easy to maintenance.

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Product advantage

1. The dryer cylinder adopts modular structure designing and submerged arc welding automatic welding, it increased the strength of the cylinder and the welding is beautiful.
2. Secondary granulation area designing improved the ball rate and particle surface smooth & high strength.
3. The cylinder inside is made of composite material to increase the heat exchange area between the material and heat energy, low energy consumption and high efficient.
4. The capacity is improved through the in and out device, temperature reminder, vibrating device and special sealing device and so on.
5. The fuel stove which matched with the machine with high efficient and low energy consumption, easy to operation and convenient to control the temperature.
6. Gears, gears wheel and riding wheel are casting steel and treated by heating, it’s durability.
7. Realizing automatic lubrication on the transmission part.
8. Using Longchang Patent technology on big model machine, patent No: XXXX, double motors starting and single motor running, power saving up to 25%.

Technical Data

Technical Date of Groove Type Lifting Compost Turner
Model Power Volume Capacity
KW m3 t/h
Φ1.5*14 15 24.7 3--5
Φ1.8*18 22 45.8 5--8
Φ2.0*20 37 62.8 8--10
Φ2.4*22 45 99 12--15

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