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  • Rotor drum granulator

    Rotor drum granulator can form the raw materials into the specific shape. As a key equipment in the compound fertilizer area, it can be applied to the cold , hot and low concentration granulation in the large-scale. It`s mainly working mode is aggregating wet granulation, with a certain amount of water or steam, the basal fertilizer becomes humid and then rolls in the barrel, finally shaped.

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Product advantage

1.Specially designed barrel, greatly increase the granulation rate,which is higher than 70%
2.Barrel inside equipped with rubber sheet, less residue, easily clean,long service life
3.Steel-cast gears,catch wheels and riding wheels, heat treatment,long service life
4.Driving part can self-lubrication
5.For the large capacity rotor drum granulator, it is used dual motor launch, one motor operating, which can ultimately saved 25% power

Technical Data

Technical Date of Groove Type Lifting Compost Turner
Specifications Angle of dip Inner diameter length Rotate speed power capacity
° Mm Mm r/min Kw t/h
Φ1.5*5 2-2.5 1500 5000 14 11 3--5
Φ1.8*6 1800 6000 11.5 15 5--8
Φ2.0*9 2000 9000 10.8 22 8--10
Φ2.4*10 2400 10000 9.7 37 12--15

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