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  • Movable turner

    The most prominent technique of the movable turner is to assemble the functions of grinding in the later stage of raw materials fertilization. Along with the drying process, the efficiency of grinding has been greatly increased,lower the cost and primarily solve the problem that the capacity is influenced by the grinding machine

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Product advantage

1.Movable turner can effectively mixed the sticky leavening with the microbial preparation, straw powder, create a better aerobiotic environment for raw materials fermentation. In this loose shape, with 24-48 hours warming, 3 days deodorization, finally become fertilizer after 15 days around.
2.Reasonable massive structure, good performance of steel, balance stress, steady and easily operate, well-adapted to the site, convenient maintenance.
3.Small investment, short construction period

Technical Data

Technical Date of Groove Type Lifting Compost Turner
Model capacity height of piles Width of piles motor
m3/day m m
ZFP-2000 400--500 0.5--0.8 2 32 water-cooled electric start
ZFP-2300 500--700 0.6--1.0 2.3 58 water-cooled electric start
ZFP-2600 800--1000 0.9--1.3 2.6 84 water-cooled electric start
ZFP-3200 900-1500 1.1--1.6 3.2 150 water-cooled electric start
ZFP-3600 1000-1800 1.2--1.8 3.6 200 water-cooled electric start
ZFP-5000 2000-3000 1.5--2.0 5 300 water-cooled electric start

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