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  • Robot Palletizer

    LOP industrial automation company is affiliated with Henan Longchang Group which was founded in 1996, Longchang Group is the largest supplier of the animal feed machinery in north of Yangzi River. LOP focus on provide factory automation, production integrated, process analysis etc turn-key project to famous company. As China’s leading industrial robot system integration service provider, LOP cooperates with ABB, KUKA, Kawasaki and other international well-known enterprises built a Chinese supermarket palletizing robot platform to meet customer’s requirements, we are the only robot integrator who has this ability in China.

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Product advantage

1. High speed----1400C/h
2.High reliability ---Continuous working 24 hours per day
3.Low management cost --- 1 robot instead of 9 workers
4.Low operating cost --- only need USD160 /year
5. Flexible combination—Can service 3 packing lines

Technical Data

Technical Date of Groove Type Lifting Compost Turner
Robot Model Load-bearing Speed Precision Power
kg C/hr mm Kw
LOP SMA200 200 1600 ±0.05 9.6
ABB IRB460 110 2000 3.67
ABB IRB660-180 180 1500 9.6

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We are professional and sincere to offer you not only quality fertilizer equipment, but superior and personalized technical service. All those help us improve customer loyalty leading to repeat business in the competitive marketplace. We are based in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province, China.

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