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  • Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

    Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line use fresh chicken manure, after a series processing , then we get nature organic fertilizer. This fertilizer production line contain fermentation turner, grinder, mixer, pelleting machine, rotary dryer, cooler, drum sifter, coating machine, bagging machine and belt conveyor.

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Product advantage

1.Use low temperature drying technic to protect the activity of microorganisms in organic fertilizer
2.High balling rate up to 90%
3.High capacity, less energy consumption, low cost

Working principle

1.Use turner to mix chicken, pig sludge together
2.Use computer control the belt conveyor to do the dosing by the formulation
3.Use the pelleting machine do the pellet
4.Use the drum dryer do the drying
5.Use drum cooler do the cooling
6.use the rotary sifter to separate the big ,standard and small pellet
7.The standard pellet can do the polishing
8.The final product we can do the bagging use the packing machine as the weight 20-50KG per bag.
9.Use belt conveyor do the transporting, manual do the edge fold.
10.Use the sewing machine do the sewing
11.Put in the warehouse or loading to the truck

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